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Link To Media is the result of the union of experienced professionals in Internet projects with high technological elements, as well as a team of journalists and community managers.

We have a network of webs which feed on the knowledge of experts that create text and video content.

We know that the new generation of digital content is based on the analysis of what users search for and what they share on social media. We answer this urge.


the results of our daily effort

Learn absolutely everything with: unCOMO, umCOMO, unCOME, toutCOMMENT, oneHOWTO y hohoRON. Find articles and videos on health, food, finance, beauty, sports, etc. We have hundreds of experts ready to share their knowledge in order to help you fix your everyday problems. You can also follow us on Youtube, Facebook.

What do you feel like cooking today? On RecetasGratis and TudoReceitas you'll find all kinds of recipes that will delight the most exquisite pallates. We have experienced chefs in all cooking fields ready to offer the best recipes for appetizers, pasta, vegetables, meatr, fish, rice, legumes, soup, pastries and desserts. If you're also passionate about cooking you can share your own recipes too! Register on our site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

On unPROFESOR you'll find videos for all main subjects in Primary and Secondary School, explained by specialized teachers. Ech of the videos is accompanied by printable exercises with their solutions so that you can practise while learning. Moreover, you can ask our teachers if you have any doubts, they'll answer you via web. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you want to know everything about animals? On ExpertoAnimal, PeritoAnimal, AnimalPedia, AnimalWised and PlaneteAnimal you'll find expert written articles, related videos and step by step guides for your pet's training, diet, beauty and care. Apart from all the content you'll find on the site, you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube and Instagram to stay tuned to the latest news.

ONsalus and ONsalus.com.br offer information on common diseases and their symptoms, treatments, prevention, natural remedies and the most popular trends in well-being, all in order to bring you closer to a space that's completely dedicated to health, where you'll find everything you're looking for in a clear and straightforward style. Websites that want to treat one of the biggest demands on the Internet with professionalism. We offer quality health content that will contribute to physical and mental well-being.

What are you waiting for to discover the best places of leisure in your city? The goal of Salir.com (and Salir.com Mexico) is to be a guide of leisure and a meeting point between people interested in leisure where they can give their opinion on everything related to leisure: restaurants, cinemas, bars, pubs, nightclubs, shops, massages, etc. The best places near you.

Do you want to improve your personal well-being and care for your mental health? In Psicología Online and Psicología Online Brasil, we have specialized articles in the field of psychology and emotions at your disposal, so that you can solve any problem that worries you and you can achieve a fuller and more satisfying life. The content is written by psychologists, therapists, coaches and mental health specialists to provide you with rigorous, quality information to help you solve your daily concerns without having to leave home.

Do you want to learn how to contribute to improving our planet? In EcologíaVerde and Projetecolo, we offer you specialized articles in topics such as ecology, the environment, animals and society, so you han have all the knowledge you need on the effect we have on the planet, as well as the most environmentally-friendly lifestyles we can adopt. The content is created by ecologists, biologists, vets and activists that are looking for a quality space dedicated to the environment and ourselves.

Discover with Frasess.net and Lefrasi.it the best compilations of phrases dealing with life, love, friendship, family, reflection, motivation, betterment and quotes from great authors and thinkers. We select the most inspiring phrases and messages so that you can make beautiful dedications, use them to improve your thinking, transmit your emotions, express your opinions and whatever you wish. In addition, you will also find incredible images to accompany these phrases and share on your favorite social networks.

Since 2005, paraBebés has been helping families. paraBebés is a website aimed at parents of all types, as well as professionals in nurturing and childcare. Here they can share information, promote resources and discuss opinions on the care and education of children and babies, pregnancy and parenthood. Our community promotes this exchange of information and experience between mothers, fathers and professionals in the childcare sector.

If, for example, you wonder what are the best offline games for Android or you are always trying to boost Wi-Fi on your phone, Tecvideos TV has the answers to the most important technology-related questions. We are a team of editors who bring to you the tutorials, tips and tricks you need to navigate the world of technology. 

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Link To Media is an innovative and young media group that creates high quality online content.

Backing us up, than 62 million visits per month throughout all our channels. We are social, more than 22,000,000 people follow us on our social networks. On Link To Media we bring you closer to our users through the creation of text and video content that is highly segmented and high quality. We allow you to connect with your final customer and help them perceive you as a valued brand for their interests.

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